A Beggar’s Prayer

Walking down this path is already so trying,
When so many more have given up in crying.
Don’t know what’s next in store.
Can’t take the burden anymore.
So, let me see the Beaconlight,
that will guide me on my way.
Oh, let me be the Fireknight,
who will all my troubles slay.
Give me please, the Godsmight
to bear this laboring load.
Give me please, the Eaglesight
for the Fork in the Road…

For the Fork in the Road.

I know that one path will ease my life till my dying,
I know that the other will be all the more dignifying.
But I don’t know what path to choose,
I have too much that I can lose,
So let me bathe in the Wisdom Stream,
to learn the truth today.
Oh, let me take in the Oracle Dream,
to see the Future’s play.
Give me please, the Crystal Beam,
to find the Mother Lode.
Give me please, the Self-Esteem
for the Fork in the Road…

For the Fork in the Road

Originally shared with a friend in the Summer of 2012

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