Beware the Moment of Clarity

Beware the moment that inspires clarity, my friend,
For clarity of objects near, occludes focus on subjects afar.
And so forebodes, by courtesy of things overlooked, the end
That instigates between you and yourself a civil war
Of love-hate and caution-risk, casualties both sides alike
Driving a blade of guilt deliberately through your conscience.
Finally beat of all your strength, you try with difficulty to psych
For a moral defeat, only to learn of life’s ephemeral transience.
Therefore, once more ignoring my original advice, you take
Another chance to chance upon the object so close at hand.
Its clarity captivating you to have you your foresight forsake
Again, the hourglass of doubt turned to release its sand.
Trust not then that which presents itself fully transparent,
Look for those ghosts in the dark, not so readily apparent.

Originally shared with a friend in the Summer of 2012

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