Excuse for Solitude

Take me not for a slight recluse,
When I spend my time locked in a room,
Alone with none but my choicest books,
Take not that I spend my days in gloom.

Oh Love, I enjoy, your company much,
Alike in breaking bread and sweat.
Only know that from the company of books
I derive as much as from you I get.

For then I travel with the thoughts of those
Whose words are known to blaze new trails,
Whose philosophy withstands all hosts
Of waves and flames and gusts and gales.

I discover then, what shapes my mind,
What desires blossom in my heart,
What joys flood matters grey and white,
And what shatters my blood chambers apart.

Pardon me if I lose myself in dreams,
When I should with you spend the day.
If I choose the Owl and the nocturnal beings,
Over you and the sun, your forgiveness I pray.

Take not that I love you less,
For that will be an untruth said,
Except that Solitude I love the best
Walking alone on paths only I can tread.

Originally shared with a friend in the Summer of 2012

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