Book cover of "To Die of a Name"

To Die of a Name

Kindle Novella
102 pages
Crime Thriller

Top 10 of Amazon Kindle’s Bestselling List for nine weeks.

The Build-up

Alekhya Das gets a call from his mother that she is hiding the twelve-year-old girl, who might be the only eyewitness to a crime that involves far too many people with far too much power.

Alekhya finds out how deep the trouble is when he is picked up directly from his flight by the airport security to meet District Collector Saurabh Suar, who is one of the two men known for controlling the entire organised crime scene in the city of Berhampur. There he is threatened of an early death if he fails to deliver the girl and her elder brother, who happens to be the prime suspect in the murder of the collector’s half-wit brother-in-law.

The only problem with this task is that Alekhya’s mother shares an inexplicable bond of love and trust with the mother of these children, and would go to any length to save them from harm.

Thus begins Alekhya’s seemingly impossible quest to unearth stories from the past that have a direct impact not only on the mystery at hand, but also on Alekhya’s idea of what it means to have a family.

Throughout this journey, we are taken through the dream-like fantastical visions of a girl in shock, the nightly horrors of a wife for whom normalcy and domestic violence were synonymous, the painful insecurities of a homemaker with a really low self-worth, and the rise of anger in a boy who wanted nothing more than to save his sister from their father.

In totality, we are exposed to three colours of love that we tend to easily overlook in our daily attempt to paint everything around us black and white.

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The Poet and The Perfumer

Illustrated Poem

A traveling poet and a perfume merchant meet at a highway inn, reluctantly sharing their private poverties. An unlikely friendship blooms out of an unlikelier quid pro quo.

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Mirrored Spaces

Mirrored Spaces

Book of Art and Poetry
120 pages
English and Hindi

Top 3 on Amazon Bestselling List of Poetry books in the very first week of its release.

The Build-up

In April 2015, a group of part-time hobby writers from IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi came together with a desire to explore the beauty of creative amalgamation. The idea was to have an unbiased, honest, and unrestrained flow of thoughts and imagination on a single platform. And thus was born a weekly blog aptly named ‘Soulgasm‘, representing the joy that writing brings to our very soul. Since then the family has expanded and has gained readers and writers from several colleges and young working people across India, coming from various backgrounds and interests.

The book ‘Mirrored Spaces’ is a child of Soulgasm that aims to bring out the best of these honest musings through two of the most significant tools of creation – poetry and colours. While the poetry mirrors what the mind and heart restlessly process, the colours enhance the scope of a reader’s imagination, and provide a pivot to his or her perception of the poem. We all have spaces within, saturated and vacant, and the book just seeks to reflect them on paper, blunt and naked.

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