The things you did

You made me feel I’m fine as me.
Already, I am somebody.
Deserving life. Deserving love.
Already, I am good enough.

Despite my werewolf tendencies,
You sought from me no guarantees.
No matter how my demons raged,
You stayed with me to keep them caged.

I made a threat, you did not flinch.
I pushed, you did not move an inch.
It mattered not how hard I tried.
You did not let me die inside.

You knew my screams were cries for help.
But only I could help myself.
You did not try to save my soul.
You made me feel already whole.

Without a single spoken word,
You heard what no one else had heard.
The holes I’d failed so far to plug,
You filled them with that single hug.

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