When you ask me
“Yo, How’s it going?”
I’m not sure if you’re
Interested in knowing
The ten things that
Are weighting me down
Or just the one thing
That makes me sound
Like someone who’s
Figured it out.

When you tell me
“Yours the life, dude.”
I don’t know if you
At all include
The werewolf curse
Of phasic depression
Or the sinusoid of
Mental compression
Or the wild obscurus
Wreaking doubt.

When you “feel” me,
“Man, that’s rough.”
I really really want
To call your bluff.
You’d expected
A simple “All good.”
Yet I dragged you into
This droll mood.
And now you’re looking
For a walkabout.

But when you call me,
“Hey, I need a favour”
I breathe relief
Since we don’t waver
Into small talk that
Won’t stay small,
My troubles with yours
Won’t snowball,
And it won’t leave us
Drained throughout.

So, let’s stick to that.

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