What good is writing?

What good is writing
When no one gets to read it?
When it’s not around to help
Those who really need it?

What good is writing
If it’s only for your eyes?
If your vanity is all
Your words ever prize?

If you really want to know
And truly understand
What good writing is
To this very hand
That pens it on paper,
Or types it on screen,
Or when neither’s around
Sews it to a dream,
You have to be ready
To walk in the dark
And hear that noise,
That shriek, that bark,
That calls for release
From its own pain
Or else, threatens
To drive you insane,
And question yourself,
If you were me,
Would you write them down,
Or let them be?
And if the former,
Would you then
Put someone else
Through this again?

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