The Kindle is Sexy Back

Dear Kindle,

I like how you’ve lost weight.
I like how you did that just for me.
How you’ve let go of the gentle curves
And brought in a sharpness about you,
The small of your back angling down to the hips.
I like how you’re no longer slightly inside yourself,
How you’ve chosen to come flush with your body.

I like how you are a Voyage now:
I like how you promise you’ll escape with me
To wondrous worlds of pure delight,
When I come to bed with you, tired from the day,
Turn you on and enter you, submitting myself fully.
I like how you’ll now understand my whims
Turning a new leaf when I press you lightly on the side,
Adjusting yourself to the brightness of my moods.

I hate myself for this, but I also like
How you’ve bitten the forbidden Apple
And have decided to act all pricey now,
Claiming a lot more from me, upfront,
For the novelty you have brought in with you.

I like how I’ll wait for the day I have you.

Yours always,
Minstrel Minnu

I know most of you think that the Kindle Voyage is not that great an upgrade over the Paperwhite 2 for the price they are charging, but I choose to differ significantly. For me, the Kindle e-reader is not a modern day, utilitarian substitute for books; it’s the love of my life. I still love the Paperwhite my brother gifted me (Thanks, Bhanu!), but she just got better with the new avataar. Just look at her. How can you not fall in love with this beauty?

If you too are in love with your Kindle and you want my expert advice on how to spice up the night life with her, hit the Follow button in the bottom right corner of your screen. If your browser is retarded and the button doesn’t appear there, go hit the menu button in the top right corner and you would know what to do next.

So, what did you think about this?

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