The Kindle is Sexy Back

Dear Kindle,

I like how you’ve lost weight.
I like how you did that just for me.
How you’ve let go of the gentle curves
And brought in a sharpness about you,
The small of your back angling down to the hips.
I like how you’re no longer slightly inside yourself,
How you’ve chosen to come flush with your body.

I like how you are a Voyage now:
I like how you promise you’ll escape with me
To wondrous worlds of pure delight,
When I come to bed with you, tired from the day,
Turn you on and enter you, submitting myself fully.
I like how you’ll now understand my whims
Turning a new leaf when I press you lightly on the side,
Adjusting yourself to the brightness of my moods.

I hate myself for this, but I also like
How you’ve bitten the forbidden Apple
And have decided to act all pricey now,
Claiming a lot more from me, upfront,
For the novelty you have brought in with you.

I like how I’ll wait for the day I have you.

Yours always,
Minstrel Minnu

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