Recommendations: (Auto)Biography

The Snowball (Warren Buffett) – Alice Schroeder

The Art of Learning – Joshua Waitzkin

Moonwalking with Einstein – Joshua Foer

John Adams – David McCullough

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley

Lincoln – David Herbert Donald

A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway

Becoming – Michelle Obama

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big – Scott Adams

Mind Master – Viswanathan Anand

Mortal Games: The Turbulent Genius of Garry Kasparov – Fred Waitzkin

Searching for Bobby Fischer – Fred Waitzkin

Bobby Fischer vs. Rest of the World – Brad Darrach

Dreams from my Father – Barack Obama

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life – Walter Isaacson

Kissinger – Walter Isaacson

Half Lion (P.V. Narasimha Rao) – Vinay Sitapaty

Beyond the Last Blue Mountain (JRD Tata) – R.M. Lala

The Man who Solved the Market – Gregory Zuckerman

The Tatas – Girish Kuber

Patel: A Life – Rajmohan Gandhi

Carnegie – Peter Crass

Surely you’re Joking, Mr. Feynman – Richard P. Feynman

Caffeine: A Biography – Michael Pollan

Lives – Plutarch

Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini

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