2020 Jul-Sep : Book Recommendations

(Auto) biographies

Dreams from my Father – Barack Obama

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life – Walter Isaacson

Kissinger – Walter Isaacson

Half Lion (P.V. Narasimha Rao) – Vinay Sitapaty

Beyond the Last Blue Mountain (JRD Tata) – R.M. Lala

The Tatas – Girish Kuber

Patel: A Life – Rajmohan Gandhi

Lives – Plutarch

Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini


A People’s History of the United States – Howard Zinn

The Courtesan, the Mahatma & the Italian Brahmin – Manu S. Pillai

The Ground on Which We Stand – Lillian W. Kay


The Collected Writings of Abraham Lincoln

The Courtier – Baldassare Castiglione

Pensées Philosophiques – Denis Diderot

Popular Science

Behave – Robert Sapolsky

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents – Lindsay Gibson

The Brain that Changes Itself – Norman Doidge

Note: I’m not compiling a Fiction Recommendations list this time, since much of the fiction I read was in other languages: Odia, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, and French, in descending order of volume. The few English fiction books that I did read were experimental choices and sadly none were worth recommending.

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