Genres are for marketers

It’s starting as a Horror tale:
A king is dead, his son is sad,
Until the king returns as ghost.

And now, it is a Mystery tale:
Who killed the king? Why kill the king?
And how can he be sure of it?

And now, it is Bildungsroman:
To be or not to be the man
The haunting king expects of him?

And now, it is Postmodernist:
A play about another play
That plays within the actual play.

And now, it is a Thriller tale:
A court intrigue, a power game,
A mousetrap of a kitten belled.

And now, it is an Action tale:
The foiling plots, the swording duels,
The army at the kingdom’s gates.

And now, it is a sad Romance:
To meet and part and meet again
So much in love, so much in death.

And now, they’re out of genre shelves:
He sells without the branding shells.
The Bard’s a genre in himself.

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