*Happy Independence Day*

To men who came to rock our gates,
Demanding where’s our National Flag,
Why not it stands on Freedom Day,
I asked the meaning of the Flag –
The Saffron, White, and Green, and Wheel –
They simply said it is our Flag
And matters not what else it means,
Except it is the National Flag,
And being so must be stood today
As high as any nation’s Flag,
And those who don’t, do not deserve
Protection of the National Flag.
And what becomes, I asked of them,
Tomorrow of this National Flag?
When lying on the streets and roads
We trample on our National Flag?
When choking up the gutters, drains,
We shovel off our National Flag?
When from the jaws of cows and dogs
We mangle out our National Flag?
They spit their betel on our gate,
And tied to it the National Flag.

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