You always bring a book with you.

“So, will you bring a book to bed?”
“Unless one is already there.”
“And will you take a book to loo?”
“Unless one is already there.”
“And to the dining table?” “Same.”
“And to the kitchen counter?” “Same.”
“And to the backyard garden?” “Same.”
“What if it’s raining?” “Won’t step out.”
“What if the book is getting wet?”
“The one already in the yard?”
“I got you there, now, didn’t I?”
“It will be in the tool shed, no?”
“What if it’s in the open, yo?”
“I doubt I’ll leave it out like that.”
“And if I leave it out like that?”
“It’s just a book. Replaceable.”
“And you won’t do a thing to me?”
“You’re just a friend. Replaceable.”
“I thought we were bit more than that.”
“I’d say we aren’t even that.”
“Your mother likes me. Gives me hints.”
“She’s used to disappointments now.”
“You know I’m quite sought after, right?”
“By fools who like a pretty face.”
“And you don’t like my pretty face?”
“I do, but not enough to woo.”
“So, you don’t want it just for you?”
“You plan to stay in ghoonghat, what?”
“You always bring comebacks like that?”
“Unless one is already there.”

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