The Buddhists have a word for it –
For when the mind precipitates
The crystal acquisition of
A skill it toils to activate.

For when what felt so “Hunh? Saywaa?”
But days and weeks and months ago,
Feels “Obvious!” and “Yes, of course!”
“Predictably!” and “So, then so”.

“Ahaa!”, “Eureka!” do not reach
Enough to hold the process whole.
And often they mistake it for
A latent genius’s role.

From “tongo” meaning “instantly”,
And “zengo” meaning “gradual”,
The Buddhist “Tonzen” gets it all –
Integral and residual.

Connecting dots is “instantly”
When all of them are in your face.
Collecting dots is “gradual”
For often they are tough to trace.

You need the vision to detect
The constellations in the stars.
You also need the doggedness
To keep on sifting heavens far.

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