AI Love

I took our words from WhatsApp chats
And sieved out all connector words,
And passed the rest through AI code
To get a glimpse of what we talk
And what we seem to leave alone.

It did not help we speak three tongues
And often mix them all at once.
It did not help we make up words
And often misspell ones we don’t.
It did, however, help to know
We speak sarcasm fluently,
But only when we start a fight.

Results are underwhelming, though.
The AI says we are in love
And not just kids who talk of love.
The AI says we are at risk
Of getting bored and ending things.
The AI says we are confused
Of who we are and what to do.
The AI says we are okay,
No matter what the AI says.

The point, I think, is merely this:
We’ll love until we’re tired of it.
And pray we’re never tired of it.

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