Can we love the mentally ill?

Do werewolves have the right to love?
Forget the novels, movies, shows,
And look for once at how things are.
We know in most relationships
You see a beauty turning beast
And then returning back to beaut.
We know you want to kill sometimes,
To simply rip them all apart,
And then to put them loving back.
We know somedays you hardly talk
And weeks go by in silent wars.

But all of that is human still.
There is no real-real beast,
Who loses touch with how it feels,
Attacks against imagined threats,
Attacks because it’s made to kill.
And when it bites, it shreds to bits.
Can one survive with beasts like this?

And yet no wolf survives alone.
The wolf requires a family.
The wolf has just as right to live.
And so perhaps the right to love?
Though how it loves may not be love
That you or I would want for us.
It comes to us, therefore to see
Its love in all its growling stares.
It comes to us, therefore to feel
How much for us it truly cares.

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