A Job Offer

“The hair is growing back, I see.”
“It’s been two months. It better did.”
“The funeral seems yesterday.”
“We missed you at home. Yesterday.
“I meant to come. Been busy, so…”
“You asked me here instead. I know.”
“He was my friend, all said and done.”
“All said and done, you did not come.”
“I have been busy. Yeah? Alright?”
“Alright. I’m here. What’s on your mind?”
“I have a job for you, you see.”
“A job? For me? Your courtesy?”
“I heard you haven’t found one yet.”
“And so you found for me instead?”
“The least I can do for my friend.”
“You have been busy, in the end.”
“I asked someone, who asked someone.”
“The same someone who beats for fun?”
“No, no. He acted on his own.”
“Just after picking up your phone.”
“Your mother thinks I sent him there?”
“He did give her your crazy stare.”
“My crazy…my…She’s got it wrong.”
“She waited for you. Two months long.”
“I’ll talk to her. Go, fetch her here.”
“Your anger doesn’t hide your fear.”
“Now, listen, son. Enough of that…”
“Alright. The job? Involves your flat?”
“You know about it? Not surprised.”
“My payment will be biscuit-sized?”
“You’ll get a check. It’s all legit.”
“Until someone explores a bit.”
“You only have to sit and sign.”
“Employee of the dotted line.”
“Your uncle was my right-hand man.”
“My father, though, was not a fan.”
“And yet he’d always take my help.”
“For which he’d always beat himself.”
“Here, take these papers. Read them through.”
“I’ve read them. He made copies too.”
“So, see this as a settlement.”
“Of all the favours you have lent?”
“Of everything he ever owed.”
“And isn’t that a heavy load!”
“Indeed, indeed. Come join me here.”
“Thus opening your cage of fear?”
“What fear is that? Now, look here, son…”
“How much he told me: all or none?”
“He kept his matters close to chest.”
“Your export reaches Bucharest.”
“It seems he told you everything.”
“And Jim Beam makes your henchmen sing.”
“My henchmen? I just grow some crops.”
“That reaches even Cuban shops.”
“You watch too many movies, son.”
“I only had to watch this one.”
“You bast…You better leave this town.”
“You thought I’ll parley when I’m down?”
“My world is not the world you know.”
“And I would like to keep it so.”
“I always meant to keep you out.”
“So make it known beyond a doubt.”
“Your father was a worthy man.”
“I do, dear Uncle, what I can.”
“You’re feeling quite elated now.”
“I’ll leave you with my humblest bow.”
“Police already has that clip.”
“The viral web will twerk and flip.”
“It will not bring your mother back.”
“You’re threatening direct attack?”
“We only had to scribble signs.”
“Instead, we’re drawing battle lines.”
“You showed your cards too early, kid.”
“Who knows? I may have aces hid.”

They said the kid had overdosed.
The case was promptly shut and closed.
Reporter Uncle shared the news
To pull me from bereavement blues.
“His father was a teacher too.
Be grateful. This could have been you.”

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