I’m not the man I used to be?

I had no mind to come, but you
Inspired me with health and heart
And prospects of a change of scenes,
Forgetting that the true obscene
Awakes and sleeps within my skin.
You poke me here and pinch me there
And jump aback to watch me squirm,
To see me rage, disgrace myself
Against the leash you thought you still
So snugly had around my will.

I warned you as you sobered down
And knelt before me in my suite
That guilt will sting and suffocate
Upon your waking in my bed.
You laughed and dug into my thighs
And chipped what you had manicured
An hour before the hour you swore
You’re done with men and wedding vows
That meant so little to those men.

I warned you in the morning too
As you assured me with your throat
That you can take it all and choke,
And yet enjoy it even more.
I warned you as you made it known
Around the breakfast buffet spread
That you had spread before me too
The rumours of rekindled flames.

I warned you I felt not a thing
The way you teased me that I did.
I warned you that you felt the thing
The way you eyed me through your hair.
You say I’m not the man I was?
You say I’ve lost my moral sense?
It’s me who warned, and you who laughed:
Remember when you text again.

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