Alien Primate

He says he comes from Germany
To study urban monkey tribes,
And how they mark territory
Migrating up the coastal lines.

He flatters both our parents’ work:
His Physics, her Zoology.
Appreciates their influence
On research grant authorities.

He flashes shiny tools and gears,
With sponsorships from big-big names.
And flicking through some photographs,
Recounts adventures in our state.

He asks if we have spotted them:
His monkeys with the collar tags.
Why can’t he track their GPS,
We ask, if they have collar tags.

He shifts a little here and there
And draws a lengthy jargon loop.
Our mother blinks and asks him straight,
“So, biped monkeys hazed a newb?”

Gorilla German shrinks to Chimp.
The Alpha gives Omega shrugs.
And flicking falling strands of hair,
Recounts a mugging at a pub.

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