She came as soon as she had heard –
A newborn in the Brahmin house.
Perhaps, a boy? Perhaps, a girl?
If boy, they’ll give her gold for sure.
If girl, at least, a saree pair.
She stopped outside to catch her breath.
She stood up straight, then bulged a hip,
Then with a smile, she clapped her hands.
“Congratulations, Brahmin Sir!”
“Congratulations, Brahmin Maa!”
She swayed her hips and walked inside.
The twenty-somethings looked at her.
Then looked at fifty-somethings there.
The first-time mother cried aloud.
The first-time father looked around.
The fifty-somethings stayed inert.
“Come, take this devil out of here.”
A devil? What is going on?
“Hey you! Come here and take this out.”
She walked, no longer swaying hips,
To where an infant slept in peace.
A devil? Yes, a devil. Sure.
Not boy, not girl. Not human, so.
She picked it up and stood up straight.
With swaying hips, she smiled around,
And clapping breast, she sang in joy,
“Congratulations, Hijra Tai!”
“Congratulations, Kinnar Maa!”

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