Bird Watching Bird Eating Fruit

I’m getting really really dumb.
I fell for Envy’s oldest trick.
Forgetting what-is, I indulged
In what-if that, or what-if this.

I stalked her LinkedIn all day long,
Forgetting I don’t update mine
Nor care to do so anyway –
A different sky is where I’ll shine.

I even drafted messages –
I cringe to read the words I wrote.
Thank God I never clicked on Send,
Thank God I saved it as a Note.

Despite the daily morning hour
I spend to read Philosophy,
And hours of meditation sits,
I couldn’t catch my Jealousy.

Thank God I’m learning Thankfulness,
And daily counting what I have.
For every wound that Envy gives,
This gratitude is quite the salve.

At least, if nothing else, this much
I have that she has still not….damn!!

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