I’ll know if you vanish

Sometimes, your zeal to be of help
Is what is getting in my way.
Because I ask you not to help,
You think I don’t appreciate.

When, on your own, you act for me
And make it somewhat worse for me,
You say you still deserve credit
For all the thought you put for me.

For me, for me, for me, for me.

You say you’re doing things for me,
But what you’re really doing is
Reminding yourself – later, me –
How good you are, though no one sees.

Reminding how you’re all alone
In working on relationships,
And how your loved ones do not care,
And take for granted how you feel.

And how they do not understand
The things that should be obvious,
That you shouldn’t even have to say,
‘Cause love is same for all of us.

Though you don’t stop from doing things
I tell you not to do at all,
You still expect they do the things
You do not even say at all.

Do not complain to me of them
If you can’t face them directly
And say to them those very words
And how you want the things to be.

To work on your relationships
Involves the act of making clear
The things you aren’t okay with
And wouldn’t want to face or hear.

But also be prepared for this:
They do not have to hear you out.
They have their own priorities
And every right to leave you out.

I’ve suffered one too many times
Because I felt entitled, owed.
Because I thought the ones I helped
Will help me lighten my own load.

You say you want to vanish off,
Because you feel you’re not required
By me or anyone at all.
You say you’re done, that you are tired.

Just know that I will always call
Whenever I feel need of you,
And also sometimes just to call,
To ask you how are things with you.

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