The One who Breathes

They call her to reverse the curse
That evil eyes inflict on kids,
That doctors with their medicines
Have failed so far to fully heal.

The energy she quietly breathes
Through blackened lips and vacant eyes
Diffuses and dilutes the curse
Enough for her to wrap it up
Around her golden bangled wrist.

She takes a heated, sharpened knife
And jabs its head into her wrist,
Until her bangles turn so red
One fears they might be bleeding too.
She cuts the bangles with the heat
And ties them in a blackened scarf,
Which everyone agrees she drops
Into the Shiva temple well.

Of course, the kids recover soon.
Of course, the parents cry with joy.
Of course, they buy her bangles new
So she can proudly continue
To keep our sickly street alive.

The only kid she’s ever lost
Was one she knifed within her womb
To learn this curse exorcism.

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