I feel you

It took me twice a weekend when
I tried to learn to love again
The paper on this writing desk,
The ink inside this fountain pen.

My overdose of coffee didn’t
Dissolve the cloudiness within,
Until you came into my dreams
To scratch up all my thinning skin.

It never is too late to say
I love you now and everyday.
You might be just a photograph,
You’re everything in every way.

I feel you read beside me now,
I feel you feed the neighbour’s cow,
I feel your chappals’ thunder claps,
I feel you booming “Anyhow”.

I feel you brush tobacco teeth,
I feel you rub edema feet,
I feel you stretch your aching back,
I feel you cushion up your seat.

I feel you push away your food,
I feel you cycle through your mood,
I feel your disappointed pain,
I feel you say, “You are no good.”

In all of this, there’s more I see –
A way of life, a way to be –
I do not fear your shadow now.
I feel you are a part of me.

In every silly thing I do,
Like reading novels in the loo,
Or squirming at a stranger new,
I feel in me a younger you.

An equal man I cannot be.
I promise I’ll be best of me.

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