A million-copy bestseller,
A man synonymous with “coach”,
Has this to say of giving care
To loved ones terminally ill:

“You’ll maybe save a single life,
A life who’s at the end of rope.
Instead, you could be building wealth
For million people round the world.
You’re wasting time and talents here.
Let go of Dad, let go of Mum,
Let go of spouse, let go of child,
Let go of pride you feel for you,
And come with me to serve the world.”

Perhaps, he’s right. Perhaps, he’s not.
He lives his word, I’ll give him that.
His mother came on TV once,
Disowned him, calling him a “cunt”.
It only helped his courses’ sales.

It’s not for me, this “Buddha Way.”
This “pure abundant selflessness”

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