Just experience

She’s here for just experience.
She needs a couple years to join
The hospital that’s closer home –
The one her crush keeps calling from.

She’s tattooed “Litu” on her arm,
But Litu doesn’t know it yet.
She says she will surprise him soon –
His birthday’s coming up in June.

Because it’s just experience,
She bitches openly to us
About the things that do not work –
She calls our doctor “Sexist Jerk”.

Because it’s just experience,
She sometimes breaks the rules for us
And lets us have some things for free –
She slips us in an extra tea.

Because it’s just experience,
She sometimes tells us tales from home.
Some little things, some seismic-sized –
Like how her Litu’s paralysed.

It was a careless nurse’s work.
So every time she draws some blood,
Her eyes erupt in little spurts –
Her tattoo needle phantom-hurts.

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