The Loop

I am enough the way I am.
I’m peaceful, present, satisfied.
Or am I just complacent now?
Am I okay with how I am?
Of course, I can be so much more.
I’m far from my potential still.
I’ll start to push a little more.
To push beyond my limits now.
A little harder, little more.
They’ll understand my need to push.
They won’t be happy if I’m not.
Why can’t they simply leave me be?
What’s wrong with them?!!
What’s wrong with me?
It’s me who’s been ignoring them.
It’s me who’s pushed them far away.
I have to make some time for them.
Perhaps, remove some things I do.
Not just for them, but also me.
This “not enough” is killing me.
I am enough the way I am.

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