No more of this

I’m done apologising now.
I’m done accommodating you.
I’m done with pouring all my hours.
I’m done assuring all of you.

You’ve seen me bow my head and work.
You’ve seen me stay up all night long.
You’ve seen me do what others won’t.
And yet the things I did are wrong?

You all were scared to make a choice.
I risked my all and took a shot.
I got us through it all again.
And now you tell me I did not?

I’m not a Stoic. Not so Zen.
I’m yet to love my fate as-is.
I’ll do the things I’ve done so far.
I won’t be doing more than this.

You’re free to call me what you want.
Whatever label brings you peace.
My eyes will be retreating foam.
My ears will be reverbing seas.

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