Good talk

He’s looking at your laptop screen.
He’s disappointed yet again.
He had so many dreams for you.
But you are going full insane.

He isn’t. He is fast asleep.
He isn’t feeling well today.
He isn’t disappointed. No.
He’s in denial anyway.

It’s you who’s in denial, bro.
You’re talking to a shadowed voice.
You think you can maintain a front?
You think you still have any choice?

I’ll make it work. I always have.
I’ll cancel out your every scream.
I’ve tried to make it work with you,
But will not let you kill my dream.

You think I have to move a hand
Against a hack of many trades?
In trying to do everything,
You’re juggling smoking hand grenades.

He’s getting up. I’ll make some tea.
You’re free to talk. I’ll just ignore.
I’ll busy myself so much now,
I’ll overcome you chore by chore.

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