She said she liked the flab on me.
To hug me was so “pillowy”.
“I’m jealous of your girlfriend, yo.”
I said I was still single, though.

I took her to the ice cream store.
She hugged me tight, but nothing more.
She took my number, never phoned.
I knew I just got Teddy-zoned.

I found another. Pretty cute.
A family of much repute.
She said she liked me very much.
Like cotton candy to her touch.

I bared my soul, she shared her dreams.
The target of her teenage schemes:
A wealthy boy for whom she moaned.
I knew I just got Teddy-zoned.

She pinged my Yahoo Messenger.
To meet the “local listener.”
She hugged and cried into my shirt.
And said I understood her hurt.

I calmed her down. I made her laugh.
She pinged after a week and half:
“We’re back together. He atoned.”
I knew I just got Teddy-zoned.

She did assignments in my dorm.
I weathered all her tantrum storms.
She’d snuggle, curled, into my lap.
I’d pat her head throughout her nap.

I organized her birthday bash.
She called a guy who brought her hash.
I found them necking, pretty stoned.
I knew I just got Teddy-zoned.

And here we are, two Teddy Bears.
Two softy souls on steady chairs.
So careful with our wrinkled hearts.
But smiling through our lemon tarts.

You’re trusting me. I’m trusting you.
And all our words are passing through
Our bullshit-filters, sharply honed.
It’s good we both got Teddy-zoned.

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