September Sunset

The sin of Pride’s a summer fad.
It always comes before the fall.
Before semesters start in school,
Before awaited shows return,
Before reality combusts
Your holiday shenanigans.

Successes slip and habits break
And fortunes boomerang away.
The beach-tanned body’s out of shape,
Romantic flames are doused in rain,
Promotion gives you vertigo,
And Mastery demands its bills.

You’re left with highlight reels and pics
To see and show again and oft
Throughout September evenings
To few who still express their love.

You Sloth into a helpless Wrath
Against the ones you Lusted for,
Denouncing them for having Greed
For things they got but you did not.

Of course, you do not Envy them —
Preposterous of me to claim.
You’re simply eating humble pies
With Gluttony of victimhood.

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