It’s easy to catastrophize.
In fact, you think it’s even wise:
“The world’s about to go to shit.
It’s full of crooks, and thugs, and cheats.
It’s rigged against the honest man.
It’s vain to even have a plan.
The ones who hack are ones who win.
It’s venom for the self-esteem.
No point there is to work so hard.”
And thus, you play the victim card.

But then there is that question too:
So what if what you say is true?
Like everything, it’s just a game.
You like the rules? You play the game.
Don’t like the rules? Don’t play the game.
You want to win? You play the game.
Don’t want to play? Don’t watch the game.
Don’t watch the winners hack to win.
Don’t watch the losers hacked to win.
You watch, enjoy the bloody gore,
And then you want it bloody more
Without the blood upon your hands,
And so you hide behind your rants?

There’s things that only you can do.
So, might as well get to it, dude.

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