Won’t kill you. Perhaps.

Won’t kill you if you talk to her.
Perhaps she knows a thing you don’t.
Perhaps she’ll tell you something real.

Despite her reels of Instagram,
Despite her kitchen whirrs and trills,
Despite her calls on speaker phone,
Perhaps she hears a thing you don’t.
Won’t kill you if you hear her out.

Perhaps you’re wrong. It happens, dude.
Won’t kill you to admit as much.
Perhaps she’ll tell you what is right.
She may not know it, but she might.
Won’t kill you if you take a chance.

Perhaps she’ll help you loosen up.
Won’t kill you to relax a bit.

Despite your poetry-tinted specs,
Despite your thousand books of facts,
Despite your love for your own words,
Perhaps you’ll never write like her.
Won’t kill you if you read her out.

Won’t kill you if you love her back.

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