The dogs were first to raise alarm,
To chase the thieves in Covid masks,
To bite into their denim calves,
And make them drop their duffel bags.

The drunks were second on the scene.
They found in groaning, bleeding men
Release of stresses bottled up
And so they kicked, and fell, and kicked.

The bikers parked their bikes on road,
Blockading all the escape routes.
With helmet-visored confidence,
They tapped the road rage in reserve.

The passers-by turned standers-by.
The gamers switched to vlogger mode.
The elderly with saffron tongues
Took bets on when the cops would show.

Police arrived within the hour
With ambulances in the tow.
The thieves confessed with eagerness,
Revealed they bagged some two-three crores.

The cops then questioned witnesses
For where they saw the duffel bags,
And only answer they received
Was “Sorry, sir. I did not mark.”

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