My Anger scares you?

I’ve learned to fear the quiet ones,
The peaceful ones, the bashful ones,
The ones who smile emoji smiles,
The ones who blink and nod despite
Their triggers pulled, their buttons pushed.

Their anger runs a deeper vein
Than pumping hearts can reach with love
Despite exhausting coffee mugs
And treadmill jogs and counter-shocks.

Their anger runs a sharper blade
Than focused consciousness can sheathe
Despite exhausting all its chants
And mindful breaths and straightened spines.

Their anger bleeds into the note
And stains currency’s either page.
Their anger drills into the coin
And punches holes on either face.
Perspective, Judgment, Rationale:
Their worshipped cattle, milked and fed,
Are simply sacrificial dice
Awaiting Chance to roll their heads.

At least, my anger’s in your face.

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