Some nights are just too beautiful

You pinged me at the chime of three,
“Oh sweetie, have you gone to sleep?”
I saw the notif, saw the time,
And saw the price of answering.
And yet, I saw my fingers swipe,
“Some nights are just too beautiful
To drone away in snoring sleep.”

“What makes tonight so beautiful?”

“The power’s out. Been out for hours.
The moon’s translucing through the clouds,
The cateyes shining through their shrouds,
And not a single human light.”
Except the glare I’m staring at.

“A punctuated silence moves
Through steady rain on metal rooves,
Through crickets cricking in a groove,
And not a single human sound.”
Except the pinging of your words.

“A beloved sleeping somewhere else.
Afar, her bosom’s dips and swells.
Afar, embracing sentinels.
And not a single human touch.”
Except these haptic responses.

“I’m sorry I disturbed it, then.”

“Oh no, you didn’t disturb it, love.”
Except, you ruined it. With my help.

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