Cinderella Shoe

Her Cinderella crystal shoe
Bombarded on my Iron Mask
With shattering ferocity
Of Simba roars in Tiger Caves.

Of course, her crystal shoe was strong:
She’d bargained off her Ariel hair
And mermaid fins for thousand pricks
Of steely blades on every step.

I swept my Humpty Dumpty mask,
And picked the shoe to lick it clean.
Of course, it cut my Sparrow Tongue:
It’s made of Diamonds in the Rough.

She pulled me by my Beastly mane
And blew me her al bacio,
Accepting everything about
My Ratatouille existence.

She wrapped her Riding Hood on me
And called her band of Seven Dwarves
To play the Pied Piper tune
And danced with me forever aft.

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