Competitive Advantage

Enduring Worth needs Urgency.
But Urgency needs Patience, Poise.
Before the Cheetah sprints to hunt,
It scopes terrains and runs through ploys.

It welcomes Boredom, Tedium –
Essential allies in the hunt.
The dreary sharpening of claws
Prepares it for the final stunt.

Its mighty heart and massive lungs,
So inefficient, bothersome,
Are just the tools it needs to chase
Opportunities when they come.

It goes for days without a kill.
It doesn’t store its food as fats.
The hunger focuses its search,
Impels it to new habitats.

Our artists, scientists deep in work
Are cheetahs sharpening their claws,
Amassing bodies of research
Required for their mighty cause.

Their days are dreary, dull to watch.
They do not swim in ready cash.
But when their time arrives at last,
Their action makes the biggest splash.

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