Lissin, Brotha!

Your writin’s gettin’ pretty SAFE!
Your hittin’s nosso HARD.
Your anger’s gotten WHINY, dude.
It doesn’t got the POWER!

All your talk of makin’ ART,
All your rhymes – so CRINGE!
All FORGOTTEN in a day
After a MOVIE binge.

You call yourself a BIZNISS grad?
You got no bizniss sense.
You’re givin’ me this stuff for FREE!
So, lemme give two-cents.

You getchyour ASS outtadachair.
Go STICK it on a grill.
Without the FIRE under you,
You’ll NEVER learn the drill.

You gotta make some MONEY, man!
You gotta SELL your art.
If all you do is “air your thoughts”,
You’re nothin’ but a FART.

I take your art FOR GRANTED, bro!
I’ve grown so USED to it.
So, commuh, now. ‘salready TIME!
You’ve GOTTA drop this shit.

INNUFFA this. Come WORK for me.
I’ll give you DOUGH, you FEEL?
I CAN not give you HAFFADIME
If all’s you’s HAFFAREAL!

Yo, WHAT is that? You got some BALLS?
Then, ALLDABEST, you punk!
Go, paintchyor COFFIN blackenwhite!
And stick it witchyor JUNK!

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