Fear: Expanded and Reviewed

According to the internet,
Especially communities
Which help you overcome your fear –
Your fear of being a nobody,
Your fear of failing everyone,
Your fear of being exposed as fraud,
Your fear of being always afraid –
You can expand your view of fear
Into a hundred different forms.

Begin with fear that twists your mind:
False Expectations About Reality,
False Evidence Appearing Real,
Failure Expected And Received,
Future Events Already Ruined.

And then the things it makes you do:
Frantic Effort to Avoid Reality,
Frantic Effort to Appear Real,
Finding Excuses and Rationalizations,
Feeling Exiled and Rejected,
Forgetting Everything And Retiring,
Faking Emotions and Running,
Fleeing Every Active Responsibility.

And lastly, how to deal with it:
Fear Expressed Allows Relief.
Free Emotions Already Repressed.
Focus Efforts, Accept Results.
Fail Early And Recover.
Face Everything And Rise.

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