Chatting with a Venture Capitalist

Your startup started up with flair
And burned to ground with equal flash
Within a year and seven months
And half a million venture cash.

“So what?” I heard him ask of me.
“It’s normal any given year.
So many come and go like this.”
And isn’t that a cause of fear?

“It’s just the price of forward growth.
This path is paved with many dead.
To push the edge of possible,
We step on them and charge ahead.”

To push the edge of possible?
As if you work for humankind.
As if the “equity” you seek
Is “not a human left behind.”

“Oh, no, no. We don’t make such claims.
It’s just that every VC learns
The things that help the world improve
Are things that bring us best returns.”

And what improvements to the world
Was promised by this firm of yours –
The one which turned to nothingness?
“It changed the way we look at scores.”

A single screen that shows all scores
Of all the sports you love and cheer.
You bet your half a million on
“Improving” what exactly here?

“Imagine all the time you saved.”
As if your app didn’t suck our time.
The only thing it changed for us
Is added one more notif chime.

“You work with VCs, startups, right?”
Unfortunately, that is true.
“So, why this moral lecturing?”
I ask myself that question too.

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