All time high

They promised all a magic trick.
They put some pebbles on the ground,
Proclaimed the heap will always grow,
So long as you leave fifteen hours
Between your visits to this place.
And if you add a pebble now
You’ll get a chance when you return
To claim as many pebbles as
The heap has gained in unit height.
The people laughed and walked away
But there were those who dared to try.
They pulled a pebble from their belt
And placed it on the paltry heap,
Resigned to losing it for sure.
But every fifteen hours or so,
They came and saw the heap had grown.
The others saw the magic too
And rushed to add their pebbles too.
And there were those who opened shop
To bring and add your pebbles here
Without you bothering a bit.
And as the magic took its hold,
The smart and fearful grabbed their due,
While others, greedy, heaped ’em on
In hopes of gaining even more
And even more and even more,
Until the day the towering heap
Came crashing down in muddy streams.
The rain had washed the very ground
Upon which stood their lofty dreams.

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