Wasted Time


Irrational! Insensible!
So fully irresponsible!
You really want to waste your days
In writing, for which no one pays?
You have the schooling, brains, and skills
Enough to pay a hamlet’s bills.
And yet you squander all your time
In drafting up a silly rhyme.
You were the envy of the town,
And soon you will be but a clown.
As all you have is family name,
You will be shortly off the game
And off the board – a captured pawn!
Your every single friend has gone
Ahead of you, ahead in life.
You will not even get a wife.
Renounce this crazy habit now.
Become again the money cow.


I have been writing fewer lines
Compared to what I truly can,
And thus have wasted all the time
Enrolled in apprehensions that
I cannot write beyond a bar.
And yet, if anything, I see
I write a good amount of verse
If, on a bet, I sit and think
And think on paper, not in mind.
I have a grip on pen and page.
I have a grip on form and style.
And when I get a grip on me
I can produce a decent batch
Of poems, stories, two-in-ones.
So, every day I will permit
Myself to sit and scribble on
For longer than it seems alright
To linger on the writing desk.

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