Yo Twenties! A Final Word?

I don’t think I’m someone to miss,
But you should meet my little sis,
Who leaves behind her sheltered teens
Today to wear her lady jeans.

At twenty, she produces art
That grabs the viewer by the heart
And paints a smile upon their face
That brightens up their gloomy days.

In person, she becomes her art
And cheers you from the very start.
The secret to these feats above:
She gives her all with all her love.

So, she is all that I was not.
(Or maybe she was never caught!
And that you have to figure out)
You’ll get along without a doubt.

Go, help her paint her wildest dreams.
Go, help her find her flowing streams
Of consciousness that shape a soul.
And where she lacks, go, make her whole.

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