Mirror, Mirror of the Bard

The mirror shone on tyrant thrones
And tore into their tired tones,
Which held the whole hierarchic hold
On guilty gentry and their gold.

The mirror shone on constant minds
Inconstant turned by constant grinds
Of treasured trustee’s treachery
In forms of fawning flattery.

The mirror shone on racist views
Towards the Moors and moored-up Jews
With proclamations prejudiced:
At once, “Reward!” At once, “Resist!”

The mirror shone on sexist tongues
Who launched pollutions from their lungs
For females frequenting outdoors,
To frame them frequently as whores.

The mirror shone on private fears,
Soliloquies of sullied seers,
For who’s he has his hand on heart
And airs not any aches of art?

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