I run no venture, nor no trust,
Nor am I employed. I must
Admit I only volunteer
To spread a little fun and cheer
At places for the elderly,
And help them get some clarity
On how to raise their capital,
And leave them better capable
To manage their accounts and books.
At times, I volunteer with cooks
Who daily whip up filling treats
For children on the city streets.

I’ve traveled throughout India
By freelancing for media
In every UT, every state,
Through times of love and tides of hate.
I’ve lived with many families,
To listen to their tragedies,
Immersing in their daily lives
To see how India survives.

I read, I write, I quiz, I learn.
Yet there is more for which I yearn.
I’m walking with an infant gait
Upon this path, I dedicate
The future chapters of my tale:
To serve the old and young at scale.

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