The House of the Serpent

Why don’t you try to look deeper inside
In the nestling hopes of finding your story?
Though all you’ll get is a little upset
At the emptiness of seeking glory.

It’s the ear of the viper
That can listen to songs
Playing in the vacuum of tomorrow.
It’s the hug of the boa
That can squeeze out the wrongs
Staying in the yesterday of sorrow.

Take up the green, slither out of the scene,
And leave the heroes to their crime-fight.
You do your own, go enter your zone.
There’s hardly any point to limelight.

It’s the punch of the python
That can crack out the jades
Shutting up the luminance of power.
It’s the kick of the cobra
That can shatter the blades
Cutting up your ambitions to flower.

So, come on in, come be a Slytherin,
And tell the Hat you know what you’re doing.
Keep up your stride, keep walking with pride,
Don’t mind the haters or their booing.

It’s the House of the Serpent
Where we do what we can,
Grinding, when it’s needed, as a novice.
It’s the House of the Serpent
Where we be who we can,
Shining to the fullest of our promise.

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