Hey, Misra! Wait! I see
Montu bhai running. After
He vanished a few years ago
I hadn’t seen him. Running
Was his thing. Still working
On that, I guess. He lived
On our street. A few years
Earlier, he’d left a rented room
Without paying the rent. He owed
Someone else too. Thought
He was too clever to be caught.
He got time to think it
Through. The bars in his jail cell
Hadn’t been nice to him.

You going to the Mart, Misra?
Yeah, yeah. You too? No, no.
Too expensive. Everything is
Anyway. How are you?
Okay okay. Going to the Mart
And saying okay? Why you
Must be doing just fine. No,
Somethings aren’t available
Elsewhere. There’s a big sale
Too. Big on the purse too? No.
Too much. Some brands cost
Less in the Mart, Montu bhai.
Brands? I buy loose. Always
Not the best quality, though.
Brand is quality, Misra? Come on
Into the Mart, Montu bhai.
Walk with me. Up the stairs,
You get household stuff. Too
Many of those at home. Already
There’s such a crowd. Inside
Isn’t the safest. Way into the Mart,
There’s a quiet corner. To talk
Social distancing is futile. Anyway,
Let’s just stay outside. Marts
I don’t trust, Misra. With my wallet,
I prefer small shops. Mom and Pop
Doing okay? Okay okay. Okay.

Look at those legs! So short
A skirt in Berhampur. Is rare
To see such beauty. You need
Good karma. I tell you, is rare!
Come on, let’s check out
The new items in the Mart, Misra.
Umm. What? Is good quality
Not what you want to grab?
She isn’t loose, Montu bhai.

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