Coming to Terms

Don’t be surprised.
I’m sitting in the dark
To welcome your shadow,
Your scream, your bark.
I’m not giving in, no,
This isn’t surrender.
I’m not an attacker,
I’m not a defender.
I sit here today
As an equal to you.
Years of impasse
Have proven it true.
Now I know you won’t
Leave me any time soon.
You’ll be here on earth
You’ll be there on moon.
I get it. I concede.
You’ve made your point:
From gene to gene
We’re thoroughly joined.

You need my attention?
You want me to see
Only you for the time
That you visit me?
Done. For the few days
That you’re here to stay,
I’ve cleared my schedule,
Shooed everyone away.
The whole of me is
With the whole of you.
But can we, at least,
Do something new?
If you quiet your drum,
And silence your voices,
I’ll take five minutes
To lay out our choices.

First, let us look
At our record so far.
Every time you strike
Every time you spar,
You trick me to my face,
Attack from behind me,
But the stronger you get
The stronger you find me.
One day, you beat me,
The next day, I you.
By the end of it all,
We’re both spent through.
And if all we are doing
Is keeping score
Why not play chess
And end our war?
You can beat me once,
Even beat me twice,
And I’ll pass my limits,
Grow doubly wise.
Then you can too
Get better at tricks.
Make a fool of me
With your tactics.
We can sit in darkness,
Just you and me.
Let our pieces spell
All the tragedy.

I knew you’d laugh
That you wouldn’t see,
How much you actually
Depend on me.
You can’t be by yourself
You live ’cause I do.
If I’m low on options,
It’ll affect you too.
It’s either this peace
Or I choose to die.
I’m doing my best here
So, you better try.
Take my hand.
Please, reel me in.
To push me to death
Is not your win.
When I’m gone,
You’ll be gone as well.
There is no heaven,
There is no hell
Where we can keep up
This contest of ours.
Only here and now
We have our powers.
Let’s get old together
Just you and me.
Let our friendship spell
A new comedy.

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